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Woodworking by Mike

jewelry storage display gift

Custom Woodworking by Mike

Welcome to Woodworking by Mike. We hope you find a treasure for your home, or unique quality gifts for those on your list.

Our latest passion is wood framed lithophanes. Currently the framed lithophanes we offer include; Custom Lithophane; Jesus with Soldier Lithophane; Jesus kneeling in Prayer Lithophane; and Angel watching over Jesus Lithophane.

Lithophanes or custom Military plaques make wonderful, meaningful gifts for those in the military.

If you are planning to take your RV or trailer out soon, how about some extra table space? We have a customized collapsible RV table that is perfect for the RV lifestyle.

Our varied jewelry display units provide practical and beautiful storage to organize your earrings, necklaces and more. Jewelry storage items make great gifts for the women in your life.

The Veteran Craftsman

All items featured at Woodworking by Mike are created in beautiful Central Oregon, and brought to you directly by the builder. Mike is a disabled Viet Nam veteran, and is especially proud of the patriotic items on display. These include personalized military signs for your favorite service person, eagle carvings and more. Our website is a labor of love, created and maintained by Mike's wife, Kemi. We run a small, husband and wife shop, often governed by our schedules or Mike's health, but we are honest hard working Americans and do our best to bring you beautiful items at a fair price.

Wood Carved Plaques

There are personalized items, whimsical plaques, patriotic plaques, motivating plaques and plaques that say "I love you." Many signs are famous quotes. We can make a custom sign just for you of your favorite saying. Some of our plaques are common sayings. Please browse through the various categories and you are sure to find delightful surprises.

Wood Carvings

Our favorite carvings are patriotic. There are several carved eagles that are just beautiful. We also can take pictures and images and digitize them into a custom carve for you.

Jewelry Display

These items are perfect not only for organizing your treasured items, but also for displaying them beautifully. You will quickly find just the right accents to compliment your outfit. Quality construction ensures they will provide years of useful enjoyment. These items make the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy for person in your life.

Help in the Kitchen

There are several unique and useful kitchen items available. Our delightful wine cork trivets will keep your surfaces safe from hot pans. The unique variety of actual wine bottle corks used in each trivet make each one special. You will enjoy examining the various winery stamps and colorations on each cork item. We also make trivets with large tiles, beautiful and useful accent piece for your counter. Perhaps you would like a trivet created just for you, using your own special corks...contact us and we will make your special treasure.

Sewing Storage

Now all of your beautiful thread spools can be safely stored within an elegant spool cabinet. Our spool cabinets come in several sizes, and we will custom make one just the right size for you. These lovely storage units are perfect for dual-purpose sewing rooms. When you are not sewing your threads are neaty stored in a dust free environment. When you are ready to sew, open the cabinet and all of your threads will be waiting for you. This is the perfect gift for the seamstress, embroiderer, or quilter in your life. These are large items, so we will work to get you the most affordable shipping to your address.

About the Wood

Since our shop is a small, home based hobby shop we don't purchase anything by the truckload. All of our wood items are unique and subject to change at any time. When you order a custom item you can choose any type of wood, or direct us to an item on the site that you like and we'll try to match the wood. It is difficult to get accurate colors on the internet because cameras and monitors are all different, but we have done our best to show what each item really looks like. We are working on a new section to the website featuring the different woods that we work with and their finishes.

Recycled Wood - Reclaimed Wood - Green Processes

We also give used wood a second life when ever we can. Often we create a laminate of sorts by connecting strips of wood together with quality wood glue. These pieces will be refered to as a laminate board, some framed, some not. Many pieces have brought a unique and beautiful treasure from discarded pieces, we never know what will happen when we make these creations! Our eagle carvings come out especially nice in this medium.

Shipping and Payment

We have set up our Shopping Cart through Paypal, which we have found to be the most economical method out there. When you make a purchase you will notice that a new window opens, with our website remaining in the background. This is Paypals portal and you can be assured it is safe by the locked padlock symbol in your browsers top panel by the Paypal name. Most of our shipments go out through a discounted Fed Ex Freight site, and smaller items ship through the USPO. In all cases we package everything very carefully to ensure it arrives safelty. We make every effort to keep shipping costs as low as possible, and the shipping prices listed are for locations within the contiguous United States. For shipment to other locations please contact us for an individual shipping quote.



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