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Collapsible Table with Customized Artwork - Perfect for RV

This beautiful table will give you just enough table space when you want a small table to add to your living space in home or RV. Your collapsible table will be custom built with an image or images that suit your interests or decor. We love eagles and flowers so we used an image of each on our table.


This customized collapsible table is perfect for any kind of RV, or anywhere you need a small table. It collapses down to a size of about 34" long, 22.5" wide at the widest point, and about 3" thick. When it is set up it is about 29.5" tall, with a top surface of 22.5" wide by 11" deep, with a base of 11"x 11". All measurements are approximate.

When we store our table I always wrap it in a thick blanket to keep from scratching the wood surfaces, then I slip it behind the couch in our RV. It would also fit well in an under-bed RV storage or basement compartment. When we park and I want to have a little table as I sit on the couch I just bring it out and set it up.


Your table will be custom built for you. After placing your order, we will contact you for design ideas, then do a computer image mock up of what we have available. We will email back and forth until the images are just right, then begin construction. Please allow 2 weeks for the actual construction of your table.


This custom table is $150 plus shipping.

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