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Make a plaque of your favorite quote .

Custom Pet Plaque.

Custom LithophaneCustom Lithophane


Custom Lithophane

From your digital image, we create a custom carving, back light it with LED lighting, and frame it in a beautiful box.


Your custom lithophane is a machine carving of your digital image. The carving is lit from behind by LED lights, and framed inside a wooden case. There is an on/off switch on the exterior of the box, and a thin power cord for the power supply (included). Your custom lithophane can be hung on the wall, or displayed on a flat surface.


Since we create you custom lithophane from a digital image additional time is allowed for fine tuning. After placing your order we will ask you to provide the diginal image you want to recreate. Images need to be clear and have high resolution. We will create a mock up for you from your image and send it to you for your review. Once we are both satisfied with the results, we will create your custom lithophane. Production time is about two weeks.


Our standard sizes are 5"x7" and 8"x10" images, which are priced at $85 and $95 respectively. Your completed custom lithophane will be larger than the image size due to the wooden case we will create around it. If you are interested in a different size please contact us for a quote.

Image sizes

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