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Wine Trivet - Solid stock - Cork stoppersWine Cork Trivet

Wine Trivet - Solid stock - Plastic stoppersWine Cork Trivet

Wine Cork Trivet - Laminate - Cork stoppers Wine Cork Trivet

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Wine Glass Rack & Shelf Wine Glass Rack & Shelf

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Wine Cork Trivet - Tall Laminate Wine Cork Trivet

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Wine Cork TrivetWine Cork Trivet


Wine Cork Trivet

This delightful Wine Cork Trivet is a great conversation piece. Each trivet is completely unique, with it's own collection of assorted wine corks. Wine Cork Trivets are designed to be used to protect surfaces from hot containers.


This Wine Cork Trivet is approximately 8.5" x 10.25 " x 2 " high at thickest point. The wood trivet base is laminate wood, with the center carved out to make room for the wine corks. The 32 corks are actual wine corks from various vineyards. Their designs range from intricate to simple; scenic to practical. Each Wine Cork Trivet has no-scratch bumpers on the bottom to help protect your surfaces. 10009.

Laminate pieces are our way of going green. They are created by connecting several pieces of wood that have been reclaimed - recycled - revived. They are glued together with a strong, quality wood glue.


We have quite an assortment of Wine Cork Trivets in stock. You are purchasing the exact Wine Cork Trivet shown above. Your Wine Cork Trivet will ship within 2 business days of payment.


This Wine Cork Trivet is $20 plus shipping.

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