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Wine Trivet - Solid stock - Cork stoppersWine Cork Trivet

Wine Trivet - Solid stock - Plastic stoppersWine Cork Trivet

Wine Cork Trivet - Laminate - Cork stoppers Wine Cork Trivet

Wine Glass Rack & Shelf Wine Glass Rack & Shelf

Wine Glass Rack & Shelf Wine Glass Rack & Shelf

Space Saving Phone ShelfSpace Saving Phone Shelf

Wine Cork Trivet - Tall Laminate Wine Cork Trivet

Raised Tile Trivet Raised Tile Trivet


Space Saving Phone ShelfSpace Saving Phone Rack


Space Saving Phone Shelf

There never seems to be enough room on the kitchen counters for everything you have, and many newer phones don't offer a wall-mount option. This handy little shelf is a perfect space saver for your kitchen. Phone and decorative item pictured are not included.


The shelf shown is approximately 7.5" x 7.5" x 4" and constructed of solid stock oak, with a light stain finish. It is mounted by 2 screws on the back panel, not included.


This solid oak shelf is in stock and will ship within 2 days of your order. If you prefer a custom made shelf, please request a quote to change the dimensions and/or wood specifications. As all wood pieces are unique, any custom item will vary from that shown due to wood variances. 13018


This Space Saving Shelf is $39 plus shipping.

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