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Wine Trivet - Solid stock - Cork stoppersWine Cork Trivet

Wine Trivet - Solid stock - Plastic stoppersWine Cork Trivet

Wine Cork Trivet - Laminate - Cork stoppers Wine Cork Trivet

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Wine Glass Rack & Shelf Wine Glass Rack & Shelf

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Wine Cork Trivet - Tall Laminate Wine Cork Trivet

Raised Tile Trivet Raised Tile Trivet


Raised Tile Trivet


Raised Tile Trivet

This lovely tile trivet is ideal for rectangular items that you don't want to set directly on surfaces. The back of the tile is raised approxiately 1/4" up from the surface you are protecting.


The overall dimensions of this trivet are approximately 13.5" x 9.5" x 1" high. The wood framing is of solid stock oak pieces. There are rubber bumpers on each of the bottom corners for added protection. No guarantee is made or implied for protection from heat.


This item is currently out of stock and will ship within 2 weeks of order and payment. Since your trivet will be custom made, please request a quote if you would prefer to change the dimensions and/or wood specifications. The tile in your trivet may have a different pattern from that shown. As all wood pieces are unique, any custom item will vary from that shown due to wood variances


This Raised Tile Trivet is $25 plus shipping.

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