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Pair of Hourglass Whirligigs

Octagon Triplet Whirligigs

Pair of sloped cone Whirligigs




Beautiful Outdoor Whirligigs

These beautiful handcrafted wind spinning decorations will add charm and interest to your outdoor living spaces.


Each whirligig is made of individual strips of cedar wood, which have been drilled through the center, and mounted on a piece of all-thread metal. They are each hung with a heavy duty fishing swivel, and will spin lazily in the breeze. Your whirligig will be shipped to you in the flat state for safety and cost effectiveness. When you receive your wind beauty, you will simply loosen the bolts on either end, and carefully spread the slats to the patterns shown. Cedar is a great outdoor wood for weathering, but it is a soft wood in a delicate, thin cut so great care must be taken in this process.


These whirligigs are all in stock and will ship to most within 48 hours of payment.


See each selection for pricing

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