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Jesus with Soldier Lithophane

All Gave Some - Some Gave All

Soldier sentimentl

All Gave Some - Some Gave All

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Once A Marine - Always a Marine

Personalized Air Force plaque

Personalized Army plaque

Personalized Navy Plaque

Large Carved Eagle - 20" wide

Carved Heart - Belongs to a Soldier

Carved Eagle - landing

Fallen Hero Painted Cross

Paintable Eagle

Carved eagle with backing

Eagle carved Koa wood

God Bless the USA

God Bless the USA

Fallen Hero Painted cross

Soldier LithophaneSoldier LithophaneSoldier Lithophane


Soldier and Jesus Lithophane

A beautiful and moving piece, this subtle image of a soldier in Jesus' care is more lovely than pictures can convey.

Lithophane Dimentions and Details

The lithophane is machine carved into a material similar to corian, then framed in a finished wood case. Each piece is back-lit with LED lighting, which generates no heat.

Additional lithophanes we offer include; Custom Lithophane; Jesus in Prayer Lithophane; Angel watching over Jesus Lithophane.


This item is in stock and ships to most within 2 business days. Please request a quote if you would like to have a lithophane created for you framed in a different type of wood, or with a different image. We also offer a custom lithophane in our Custom section. As all wood pieces are unique, any item created will vary from that shown due to wood variances.


This lithophane is $95 plus shipping.

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