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Pair of Striped Pet Beds - Washable

Pair of small Black Soft Pet Beds

Shiny Red Ped Bed from Fancy Blouse

Grocery Totes - set of 3

3 Blue Totes - Cat Chow Grocery Totes - Blue

Seascape wall quilt


3 Totes - Blue Cat Chow3 Totes - Blue Cat Chow3 Totes - Blue Cat Chow


Repurposed Tote

These adorable bags will quickly become your favorites to take shopping!


They are made from very tough plastic weave bags, and will last for many trips.

All three are pretty blue Purina Cat Chow bags, about 15" tall, and approximately 11" x 6" opening. Fold neatly for easy storage. Each bag is unique. You are purchasing the set of 3 shown.

Bottom seams are all folded and double sewn. Handles sewn on with a square for extra strength.



This item is currently out of stock, a new set made just for you will be shipped within 10 days of payment. Several colors to choose from; blue, green, yellow


Out of stock

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