Woodworking by Mike

The Wife's Page

Patriotic Quilt

Pair of Striped Pet Beds - Washable

Pair of small Black Soft Pet Beds

Shiny Red Ped Bed from Fancy Blouse

Grocery Totes - set of 3

3 Blue Totes - Cat Chow Grocery Totes - Blue

Seascape wall quilt



Why a Wife's Page

This is a website for my husband, Mike. I enjoyed creating it, and I enjoy maintaining it. Recently a family member saw the site for the first time and asked where MY site was...and I didn't have an answer for that! Long story short, I would much rather just have a little corner of Mike's site, so here it is, the Wife's Page.

I work full time at a 9 to 5 job, but in my spare time I like to sew. I also like to try to reuse things, recycle things, repurpose things so they won't end up in the landfill quite so fast. My crafty items here are mostly made from things I have rescued from their journey to the landfill. The feed sack tote bags are mostly from our own cat's food, but friends also give us bags when they can. We also make regular donations at a local cat rescue facility, Craft of Central Oregon (Cat Rescue Adoption and Foster Team), and they often have bags for us to use.

The American quilt is made of disigner fabric sample scraps and rescued American flags. The pet beds are from recaptured fabric, and new batting from a local bedspread manufacturer. Many beautiful, unused raw materials that were on their way to the landfill.

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It is my goal to only picture items that I have in stock. As things sell I'll do my best to get new items listed. Every item listed will be a unique one of a kind treasure.


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