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Sewing and Embroidery Storage

We have several storage options to help you make the most of your sewing, quilting, and embroidering time. We have just re re-designed our most popular thread cabinet with solid wood doors rather than plywood. These are just beautiful, with unique and customizable designs carved into the doors. Click on the photos or captions to the right for a closer look.

Keep it neat. Keep it handy. Keep it clean.

Storing your thread and supplies inside a thread cabinet will keep all of your threads neat and easy to find. They will be protected from dust and damaging UV rays. Storing your threads this way also makes the most of your dual purpose sewing room; when you are not sewing all of your threads are tucked neatly away in an attractive cabinet. Several sizes to fit every need.

Quilting Guide Racks keep your expensive quilt guides neat, handy and easy to find. These durable and beautiful quilt guide racks are a must have for any quilter.

Show it off

Show off your beautiful quilt creation with our custom quilt rack shelf option. We have four of these throughout our home, they are a beautiful way to enjoy your treasured quilts.

Custom created for your specific space

You can choose one of our in stock items, or ask for a quote on a unit designed to fit perfectly in your unique work space.

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