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All-In-One Jewelry Stand All-In-One Jewlery Stand

All-In-One Stand - Vertical All-In-One Jewelry Stand - Vertical

4-Sided Ultimate Jewelry Stand 4-Sided Ultimate Jewelry Stand

Mesh - Flat Base Jewelry Stand Mesh - Flat Base Jewelry Stand

Mesh - Lazy Susan Base Stand Mesh - Lazy Susan Base Jewelry Stand

Necklace Tree -Black WalnutNecklace Tree Jewelry Stand - Black Walnut

Necklace Tree - Solid Oak Necklace Tree Jewelry Stand - Solid Oak

Necklace Tree -Solid OakNecklace Tree Jewelry Stand - Solid Oak

The Original Jewelry Stand The Original Jewelry Stand

All-In-One Stand - Cedar Necklace Tree Jewelry Stand

All-In-One Stand - Tall Necklace Tree Jewelry Stand


Necklace tree and jewelry dislpay - Black WalnutNecklace Tree Jewelry Display - Black WalnutNecklace Tree Jewelry Dsiplay - Black Walnut


Necklace Tree and Jewelry Display - Black Walnut

This lovely unit has room to display many necklaces, bracelets and rings and things below. Last Black Walnut one available.

Description & Dimensions of Necklace Tree

This is a beautiful way to display and organize your treasured jewelry. This customstand has 16 pegs for necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings. The base has raised edges so you can store your loose pendants and other precious items. Primary construction is of black walnut, mounted on a quality spinning Lazy Susan base for easy access. Base is 8 7/8” by 8 7/8”, and overall height is 14 1/2”. All measurements are approximate. Jewelry not included.


This item is currently out of stock and will ship within 2 weeks. Please request a quote if you would like to have a similar created for you on a different type of wood or different size. As all wood pieces are unique, any item created will vary from that shown due to wood variances.


This Necklace Tree and Jewelry display unit is $46 plus shipping.

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